Research & Development


We at SiliconDev, together with the colleagues of our subsidiary MacSun Srl, are always looking for new solutions to improve and simplify the use of technology applied to everyday life.

In the past two years (2018-2019) we have been committed to creating a new AI called XSENSE ( XSENSE integrates into its neural network model a new algorithm, built and developed by our research and development team, which allows artificial intelligence to develop its decision-making ability by "listening" to the sensitive oscillations of the words used to make a request: this the algorithm is called Deep Sensing.

The SiliconDev R&D team has implemented devices to expand the control of systems' environment, already available to public and government authorities, in detail:

  • development of advanced sensors for the analysis and prevention of forest fires, adopted in the ADAM DSS system and currently in use in some locations in the Italian regions of Puglia and Calabria
  • development of sensors which, positioned on mountain ridges in strategic sites where it snows in winter, are able, through the software developed by the R&D Team, to predict the risk of avalanches (Abruzzo region).

We are always inclined to perceive environmental and collective needs with a passionate approach to finding new ideas and solutions that can be useful for the community.